Nordic Walking Helps Wounded Warriors

Nordic walking poles, donated to the Wounded Warrior Program at several military hospitals and bases, are helping wounded veterans regain their strength, balance and stability.Read on . . .

Billy Demong Unplugged

Billy Demong - winner of the first-ever Nordic combined gold - revealed some interesting and entertaining facts in an interview with USSA - his tattoo, his engagement and the coolest thing he thinks has ever happened to him. Read on . . .

Kick-Double Pole is Your Friend

andrew johnsonThe last weekend of January 2010, I was fortunate enough to ski in the Noquemanon Ski Marathon in Marquette, Michigan. If you have not yet had the opportunity to ski this race, and you have a propensity for long ski races, you should put this event on your calendar for next season. The terrain, excellent snow, technical and demanding trails, and the one-of-a-kind U.P. scenery all combine to create a memorable weekend. Read the rest of Andrew Johnson's story here.

Ski Legend Nikolai Anikin Remembered

Nikolai Anikin, a three-time Olympic medalist for the Soviet Union and then a coach in the U.S. for 20 years, died of cancer November 14, 2009, in Duluth, Minnesota. One of his prize pupils was John Bauer, who won all four races at the U.S. Nationals in 1996 and skied in the 2002 Olympics. Bauer wrote an article for Cross Country Skier two years ago, which you can read here.

Snowshoe Update

By Lou Dzierzak

Once thought of as quaint decorations hanging crisscrossed over a winter cabin’s stone fireplace, today’s snowshoes reflect state-of-the-art designs, construction methods and materials.

According to the Outdoor Foundation’s “Outdoor Recreation Participation 2009 Topline Report,” 2.9 million people went snowshoeing in 2008. That represents a 21.8 percent increase from 2007. Read the story here.

Montana Development Aims at Sustainability

A new development near Red Lodge, in south-central Montana, will include a limited number of widely spaced homes, access to ski trails and will showcase sustainable living. Aspen Ridge Ranch offers just 10 lots on 250 acres, with common ownership of the rest of the property. Read the rest of the story here.

An Explanation of Balance

From the elite racer to the beginning five year-old, and everyone in between, balance can make the difference between skiing that is fun and skiing that is a chore. Along with core strength, technique training and mental visualization, improving balance is one of the essential skills for a cross country skier. Read more and see the illustrations.



Tamarack Lodge:
Where History and Nature Collide

Tamarack Lodge, nestled in the Inyo National Forest of the Mammoth Lakes area of California’s Eastern Sierras, offers up a charming combination of history and natural beauty resulting in a delightful setting for cross country skiing. Read on . . .


Dryland Drills

No snow where you are? Check out these dryland drills to keep you in shape (both physicaly and mentally) for the upcoming season. (Note -- the link will take you to our digital magazine.)



Pre-Season Strength Workout

October 10, 2009 - It's not too late to get started on strength training for the 2009 season - but you better start soon. Take a look at one training plan, and many suggested exercises, to help you have your best season yet.

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Cross Country Skier Celebrates 30 Years; Digital Mag Expands

The 2010-2011 publishing season will mark the 30th year of Cross Country Skier magazine - 30 years as the first name in Nordic ski publications and the #1 source of all things Nordic. Since 2000 Cross Country Skier, LLC, Ron Bergin and John Torinus principals, has published Cross Country Skier. During that time Bergin has served as publisher and editor. “The 2010-2011 publishing season also marks our tenth season as publisher of Cross Country Skier,” notes Bergin.

While there have been several entities that have held the reins at Cross Country Skier over the past 30 years, Bergin’s 10-year tenure not only represents one-third of the magazine’s history, but also the longest running entity to publish Cross Country Skier. “This, I feel, underscores our commitment to the magazine, our readers and advertisers and passion for the sport,” Bergin emphasizes.

In homage to the magazine’s lengthy history Cross Country Skier will publish and post several vintage articles from its archives – a Blast from the Past! “We did a fairly major series of retrospectives during our 25th anniversary season,” notes Bergin. “This time around I thought it would be fun to dig through the archives and find a number of articles of interest, be that from a perspective of pure nostalgia, curiosity or “no matter how much things change, the more they stay the same.”

At the same time, Cross Country Skier announces a transition to a three-issue print publishing schedule: November, December and January/February. With these issues Cross Country Skier will continue to produce the same information-packed, high quality magazine as it for the past 30 years. But this does not mean that the October issue will disappear.

Beginning this year the October issue of Cross Country Skier will be available only online as a digital magazine. This will be a stand-alone issue with the same training, destination and diverse features as in the past, just in a digital format. “We regret needing to take this step,” says Bergin, “but considering the alternative, it seemed a reasonable and necessary compromise. By embracing the digital playing field and utilizing this technology, we hopefully will be able to offer our readers a few new and additional things in this format and in the end the October issue will ultimately continue.”

“I want our readers to understand,” Bergin clarified, “that we will still publish, in print, the November, December and January/February issues. These will still be available by subscription and at retail.” Current subscribers will not be affected, as all subscriptions are on an “issues remaining” basis. Every subscriber will receive the number of issues for which they paid. “We have no intention of eliminating the print version of the magazine,” Bergin reiterated. “Our research has shown that our readers are not ready to go there, and neither are we.”

The November, December and January/February issues, however, will also be available online as digital editions. Readers will be able to print, email, download and archive the digital editions, take them with them digitally or read them on a mobile device. Cross Country Skier will be working with Zmags, an international provider of an online magazine platform with more than 2,500 publications in 50 countries. Last season Cross Country Skier dabbled with digital editions, which can all be viewed at “With some basic experience with digital editions under out belt,” explains Bergin, “we hope to expand what we do with the new online issues.”

With available technology presenting ever more and newer options to both deliver and enhance content, Cross Country Skier plans to stay abreast and take full advantage of these options to provide more and better content. With all of Cross Country Skier’s printed editions also online, advertisers will be able to considerably extend their reach with little or no additional investment.

Cross Country Skier’s website,, will continue to provide national, regional, U.S. and Canadian ski team and ski business news, with over 400 postings annually. In addition to the online editions, the site will include periodic web-only features, event listings and several guides. The site continues to enjoy heavy in-season traffic, with over 17,000 unique visits and over 600,000 page views monthly.

“It’s going to be an exciting season,” Bergin concludes. “The past decade has been anything but simple in the ski and publishing industries. This I feel is terrific way to move forward without sacrificing that which has become the core of Cross Country Skier magazine’s being.”

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