January/February 2008

Features: The Birkie Turns 35

Fresh SnowIt started in 1973 with only 53 skiers, including those who participated in its half-distance version. The Birkie, as it affectionately known, has come a long way, now annually attracting 6,500 or more skiers. ... Read more >

Destinations: Idaho

Destinations: Idaho It would not be an overstatement to say that the state of Idaho has some of the best cross country skiing in the country. Here's a whirlwind tour visiting several of the Gem State’s top Nordic skiing venues. ... Read more >

January/February 2008

The pay to play business models works

The pay to play business model worksThe pay to play business model works -- from non-profit organizations to business relationship between resort owners, ski trail systems have honed financial business models to create stable long-term revenue streams. ... Read more >

Master's World Cup Headed to McCall

Master's World Cup Headed to McCall The 2008 Masters World Cup, taking place March 1-7, 2008, in McCall, Idaho, will mark the first "Worlds" hosted in the U.S. since 1998. The event will bring together more than 1,000 adult skiers of all abilities, from over two dozen nations and throughout North America, for a week of fantastic skiing and lifelong memories. Depending on your age/gender category, the MWC2008 features a choice of technique in three individual races ranging from ... Read more >

Competitive Edge

In the December issue of Cross Country Skier, this column began a "big picture" view at the many positive things that are happening in U.S. youth and junior cross country skiing competitive development, while also pointing out some of the challenges facing the youth and junior scene. ... Read more >

Regional Update

CXC (Central Cross Country) is expanding its Elite Team program to up to 12 athletes and is looking for post- and pre-college athletes committed to long term athletic development. The program is open to athletes from all regions. Currently the team consists of six post-college athletes; four male and two female. The team will be structured on athletic commitment, results and ... Read more >

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