November 2008

The Crown of Maine: Aroostook County

The Crown of Maine: Aroostook CountyOnce a year, Cross Country Skier becomes your best source for art -- all sorts of fine art related to our favorite sport. Never before have we presented such a diverse collection of media and styles: oils, woodblock prints, fabric and fresco ... Read more >

On the Wild Side

Hidden Gem: Sylvania Wilderness AreaAnticipation runs high in November. At this time of the year, cross country ski enthusiasts become impatient waiting for the winter snows to fall on their favorite trails. Over time, those familiar trails can elicit a different emotion. After traversing the same groomed trails weekend after weekend, experienced skiers reluctantly admit boredom can temper their enthusiasm. When a loop becomes so familiar it can almost be skied blindfolded, it may be time to ... Read more >

November 2008

Fireside: Thom Perkins

Fireside: Thom Perkins“We’re not spending $250,000 to hold a race,” asserts Thom Perkins, longtime executive director of the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation. “We’re spending $250,000 on trails to make better skiing for recreational skiers. Ninety-five percent of the use of this trail is going to be recreational and we designed these trails first and foremost to be fun to ski. We’re building a recreational trail that we can race on. This is a world-class recreational trail and it is one of only six of these facilities in the whole ... Read more >

Classical Skiing Renaissance

Classical Skiing Renaissance What is the first image of cross country skiing you remember? For most of us, it may include a graceful, impossibly extended skier (perhaps Bill Koch) effortlessly flying over the snow.

Yet many skiers, betraying their novice fantasies, never reach this level of ... Read more >

November 2008

Competitive Edge: Straight Talk on Youth Programs

Straight Talk on Youth ProgramsLast season, I explored many of the more-prominent success stories, questions, potential problems and future challenges facing the development ladder from youth to post-collegiate cross county ski racing. Whereas those columns were designed to encourage the cross country community at large to do a little self-examination as to where we are and where we want to go, little was actually directed straight to the athletes, parents and other adults directly involved in the competitive development process. 

This year I’m going to spend several columns going through the development cycle once again, but this time offering comments and observations specifically for those truly on ... Read more >

CXC Training Tips: Determining Training Intensity Zones

CXC Training Tips: Determining Training Intensity Zones What are Training Zones?

There are five basic zones or levels used to classify different intensities of training. There are a number of indicators for different training intensities including blood lactate, breathing, heart rate and VO2/CO2. The following table provides a general overview of how these different indicators relate to each other and training zones. Every person has slightly different training zones and corresponding indicator levels, however, this table can .... Read more >

November 2008

Event Profile: Craftsbury Ski Marathon

Event Profile: Craftsbury Ski Marathon

In the heart of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont lies the sleepy village of Craftsbury and the nearby Craftsbury Nordic Center, home of the Craftsbury Ski Marathon. The race, held the last Saturday of January for the past 27 years, is the largest and oldest of the New England marathon races and is also a member of the American Ski Marathon Series, which includes 13 events – covering every weekend from January through March – across the country from Vermont to Alaska.

On most winter days, traffic into and out of Craftsbury includes mostly skiers traveling to the Craftsbury Nordic Center. However, on the last weekend of January for the past .... Read more >

Technique & Training: Learning to Learn How to Ski

Technique & Training: Learning to Learn How to SkiKids figure out how to stay upright and go faster by falling down a thousand times and chasing others kids. A childlike sense of curiosity and lots of time to play on skis can do the same for adults.

If you don’t want to fall down a thousand times or have the time to spend days playing on skis, find someone who knows what you need to do to reach your goals and who can help you figure how to do it. An experienced instructor or coach will save you the time and effort of .... Read more >

November 2008

Fresh Snow: Show me the Money Funding for Trails Needs Fresh Ideas

Fresh Snow The funding of ski trails, and all non-motorized trails for that matter, is a subject of some concern to me. I write this column in hopes of stimulating some discussion, generating ideas and sharing success stories.

There are two primary financial facets of trail funding to address: development of trails – actually creating and constructing them – and maintaining and grooming them once they .... Read more >