October 2008

Grooming Snowmobiles: A Review

TGrooming Snowmobiles: A ReviewEditor’s note: A snowmobile review in a cross country ski magazine? Not to worry, we haven’t changed our editorial focus. But as we move forward to continue to meet our mission of covering all facets of the sport of cross country skiing, this season we bring you a series of articles that looks more in depth at grooming. Our readership includes many Nordic center personnel and grooming staff and even home trail groomers. We hope these articles will prove informative and useful to this constituency. We also think all skiers can benefit from learning more about how ski trails are prepared for their enjoyment and as a result gain a greater ... Read more >

Hidden Gem: The Keweenaw's Hidden Gem, The Chassell Trail

Hidden Gem: The Keweenaw's Hidden Gem, THe Chassell TrailThe most significant thing that the Chassell Trail has going for it is that it is a single track, classic trail. So many trails of this nature have fallen by the wayside, or been converted to wide “skating lanes with a classic track on the side” type trails, that they are almost a dying breed. It’s refreshing, then, to come across such a trail as the Chassell. The Chassell Trail is the love child of local Nordic skiing aficionado Jim Tervo and he agrees with ... Read more >

October 2008

Competitive Edge: Elite Scene: Then, Now, Next

Straight Talk on Youth ProgramsAs is typical in the valley that is the middle year in the Winter Olympic cycle, the 2007-08 international and North American seasons offered a handful of highlight moments and plenty of emerging trends to ponder. 

With no Nordic World Championships to focus on, the international scene was left with just ... Read more >

CXC Training Tips: Training Planning

CXC Training Tips: Training Planning What are Training Zones?

There are five basic zones or levels used to classify different intensities of training. There are a number of indicators for different training intensities including blood lactate, breathing, heart rate and VO2/CO2. The following table provides a general overview of how these different indicators relate to each other and training zones. Every person has slightly different training zones and corresponding indicator levels, however, this table can .... Read more >

October 2008

Technique & Training: Make it your own

Technique & Training: Make it your ownA reader recently wrote in with this question about skating: “We struggled with skating for four years, taking many lessons but remaining frustratingly plateau'd. Then we bought roller skis, a huge advantage because we could now go out and practice, with video analysis, any day of the year. However, we didn't improve a great deal.”

"Among the dozens of tips we implemented, one finally clicked. But I haven't seen it anywhere in print or .... Read more >

Off Track

TOff Track“Fifty-seven channels, and nothin’ on….” This classic line from Bruce Spingsteen about the dearth of quality television viewing seems quaint now. There is talk that satellite television could provide access to over 500 channels. So, would that mean 10 times “nothin’” will be on the tube? To Bruce maybe, but not to advertisers. The technical ability to jam the air and space waves with stuff coincides with marketers’ abilities to target very specific groups of people with their messages. Nothing is too odd, quirky or of parochial interest to not have a potential audience and .... Read more >

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