November 2002

A Balanced Life

A Balanced LifeOlympic cross-country skiers, although visions of health and fitness and stamina, are dogged by a frustrating though thankfully nonfatal condition: exercise-induced asthma (EIA).

Experts estimate that an astonishing -- and increasing -- number of cross country skiers are stricken with bouts of EIA. And elite skiers lead the pack; recent studies show that some 50 percent to 70 percent have ... Read more >

Training & Technique

Training & Technique Common wisdom has it that there is no free lunch, but that's not entirely true for the skier, at least in a metaphorical sense. Out on the ski trails, the freebie is called glide.

To glide without a hill to slide down, you need the ability to balance on one ski at a time while continuously moving forward from ski to ski. Allowing your momentum to carry you forward from ... Read more >

November 2002

Kick and Glide

Kick and GlideWhen gliding, the best wax is the same for any skier. When you need a kick wax, the best wax depends on the abilities and desires of the skier. Kick wax needs to be applied for the specific individual.

Ideally, when the skier is gliding, the kick wax is not touching the snow and creating drag. During the kick phase of a stride, the wax pocket should be fully depressed so snow crystals embed themselves in the kick wax and allow for ... Read more >

Off Track: Skiing With Kids

Before my children were born, I imagined them eagerly pursuing the same activities that I enjoy, particularly cross country skiing since I love it beyond all other sports. The fact that as a young person I would have walked on hot coals rather than do anything that my mother found even remotely interesting, did not seem relevant now that I was soon to become a parent myself.

I purchased adorable little secondhand skis and poles for my three sons when the oldest was six and the twins were four. They looked like triplets in their matching ... Read more >

November 2002

Destinations: Marquette, Michigan

Destinations: Marquette, MichiganDriving east along Michigan's State Highway 28 through Ishpeming enroute to Marquette you'd hardly think you were entering one of the top cross country ski communities in America. But once you get away from the strip malls and fast food joints along the highway, you soon discover that the Marquette, Michigan area has everything it takes to make it one of those true cross country ski enclaves where when the word "skiing" is used, it usually means Nordic.

Although it has thus far maintained a relatively low profile, the Marquette area is poised to take the stage as one of the region's pre-eminent Nordic skiing destinations. This is due in no small part to the dependable and bountiful lake effect snowfall the area receives ... Read more >

Skiing in Austria

Skiing in AustriaI awoke, startled, from a slumber in the warm mid-day sun on the sonnenstrasse of the Gasthof zum Schwarzsee to see Markus standing next to my table extending his hand in greeting. The crisp alpine air, sun, and scenery had lulled me into a relaxed mood high in the Nockberge Mountains of southern Austria.

Markus had agreed to meet me at this guesthouse by a small lake, the Schwarzsee, on the cross country ski trails at Turracher Hohe. Located on the boundary of the Austrian provinces of .... Read more >

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