December 2003

Spare Parts Included: Skiing After Joint Replacement Surgery

Spare Parts Included:
Skiing After Joint Replacement SurgeryRon Caple was feeling, if not triumphant, then certainly proud when he crossed the finish line at the National Masters in Anchorage last February. Sure, he came in last of eleven in his age group of 65 and up. But with an artificial hip joint, Caple was simply glad to be doing what he loved, gliding through the snow. That three of the skiers who beat him also had spare parts only added to the Six Million Dollar Man moment.

It's been five years since Caple, an organic chemistry professor at the University of Minnesota in Duluth, joined the growing league of Americans whose joints pivot on artificial parts. In 1999, replacement operations were performed on ... Read more >

Training & Technique

Training & Technique You've seen them on the trails-skiers skimming over the snow, passing you with no apparent effort. Perhaps her rhythmic pole plants first caught your eye, but what left a lasting impression was how she used a V-2 on a hill you always climbed in a V-1. Another day, you heard "on the inside" before he stepped around you on the rutted trail, leaving you to struggle with your snowplow. Then a skier floated up the rise, silently gripping and gliding as he passed while you cursed and slipped with each stride.

How do they do it? Good technique is important, but with skiing, the whole is definitely greater than the ... Read more >

December 2003

Frozen World: Snow Bright, Snow Light

Frozen World: Snow Bright, Snow LightEveryone knows, of course, that snow is bright. Just how bright didn't really dawn on me until the day I prepared to climb my first big glaciated peak, Washington's Mt. Rainier. My friend and rope team leader watched as I slathered on sunscreen. But before I put the tube away, he suggested, "Make certain you've done the insides of your nostrils." The insides of my nostrils? Unless I'm standing on my head, that's one of the few places where the sun never shines. "Hey," he explained, "You're going to be spending the day on a ... Read more >

Nordic Racing: North American Status Report

Competitive Edge While the international race scene enters its 2003-04 season with a fanfare of up and coming racers, the North American race picture continues to blaze with stars. Major North American race events will highlight domestic talents in this off-Olympics, off World Championship year.

After all the 2002 Olympics hype and energy, the home 2002/03 campaign felt understandably a little anticlimactic. Continuing an unfortunate tradition, nary a single Nordic World Cup event took place in ... Read more >

December 2003


Training & TechniqueYellowstone National Park-our country's first and perhaps most revered national park-is a monument to the conservation ethic and vision of our predecessors who saw fit to set it aside for eternity. Yellowstone provides geologic wonders, wilderness and wildlife and like many of our national parks sees the majority of visitors during the summer. Sadly, most people visiting Yellowstone prefer to remain along the park's paved pathways never venturing much further from their vehicles than a campground, nature trail or one of the ... Read more >

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