November 2003

Training & Technique: Keeping It Fun With Ski Walking

Training & Technique: Keeping It Fun With Ski WalkingIT'S TIME TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT SKIING if you want to make the most of the upcoming winter. To increase your success and enjoyment when the snow flies, you need to get outside now. Make friends with the rain and the dusk of fall. Get used to being out in the cold,wet weather.

Walking is grand. Walking with ski poles is even better, since you can raise your heart rate as if you were running without pounding your joints. Trekking poles work fine, as do ... Read more >

Kick & Glide: Caring For Waxless Skis

Kick & Glide: Caring For Waxless SkisMost people own waxless skis, also known as fish scale or step skis, for two reasons: They do not want to deal with kick waxing their skis, nor do they want to clean kick wax off their skis. For this reason, care of waxless skis needs to be quick and easy.
And it is!

Two parts of a waxless skis need attention: the kick zone where the tread pattern is and the ... Read more >

November 2003

Frozen World: Beech Trees Demystified

Frozen World: Beech Trees DemystifiedROUNDING A CORNER IN FULL STRIDE, KICK AND GLIDING ON SOME SUBLIME LATE-WINTER KLISTER MIX and suddenly the tracks ahead are tan instead of white, half an inch deep in leaves. I screech to a halt and jump out of the tracks, anything to keep from picking up a nice layer of foliage underfoot. If you ski in the hardwood belt that stretches from the Atlantic across the Midwest, you know that the beech tree is a lonely exception to the rule of deciduous trees. October comes and goes, Thanskgiving vanishes in the rearview mirror, the New Year begins-and still the beech tree clings to its ... Read more >

Off Track: Not For Everyone

Off Track: Not For EveryoneNOW AND THEN, WHEN I'M LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO WORRY ABOUT (not that, with three sons and a husband, I don't have enough already), I wonder if the resorts where I like to ski are really pulling in enough customers to sustain themselves. Typically I think about this on non-holiday weekdays, when I ski the outer trails for hours without seeing anyone. Right now you're probably thinking, isn't that what cross country skiing is all about? If we liked congested slopes and .... Read more >

November 2003

Finland From Border to Border

Finland From Border to Border"ONE LAST ANNOUNCEMENT," THE TOUR LEADER SAID DURING THE EVENING BRIEFING SHE WOULD REPEAT IN THREE LANGUAGES. " We've had to change tomorrow's route. Instead of 74 kilometers, you get to ski 84 kilometers. But there will be no extra charge."

That's Finnish humor at its knee-slapping best on a ski tour across a country that endures winter for up to eight .... Read more >

Off Track

TOff Track“Fifty-seven channels, and nothin’ on….” This classic line from Bruce Spingsteen about the dearth of quality television viewing seems quaint now. There is talk that satellite television could provide access to over 500 channels. So, would that mean 10 times “nothin’” will be on the tube? To Bruce maybe, but not to advertisers. The technical ability to jam the air and space waves with stuff coincides with marketers’ abilities to target very specific groups of people with their messages. Nothing is too odd, quirky or of parochial interest to not have a potential audience and .... Read more >

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