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The World's Premiere Nordic Skiing Publication Volume 21, Issues 1

Clear Track
Make Your Voice Heard

Cross Country Skier has a long storied history. Published for decades, the last few seasons have seen publishing gaps and a several rapid changes in ownership. You hold in your hand the third issue of Cross Country Skier under the ownership of Ron Bergin and his partners . One of the first promises we made to you was to deliver the goods. Three issues have arrived and by the time you read this we will be deep in production of the January/February issue. The fourth issue will be delivered in time to help you follow the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. In times like these, it feels good to give a patriotic “Go Team USA.”

We start planning each issue by filling a legal pad with ideas. Destination profiles , columns, personalities, feature stories, gear reviews, trail guides and on and on. The list gets pared down, we as sign writers and off we go. For now, when our focus is re-establishing trust with readers and advertisers, that’s a good start.

Long term, we need your help. We want to invite you to join us in the process of creating the list of stories we present to you in each issue . We have a hundred pages to fill four times a year. What is it you want to read? What kind of magazine do we need to publish to motivate you to send us a subscription check? It’s that simple really. You will only pay for a magazine you want to read. For us to provide that value , we need to know what kind of stories you want.

We will succeed because our pages resonate with your interests. To do that we need to hear your voices. What do you want to see? More destinations. East. West. Midwest. Canada. Europe. More gear. Less gear. Do you want in-depth analytical product reviews or do you want us to tell you a bout the newest, latest, coolest new toys. More training. Backcountry, please . What’s your opinion about competition? How many pages in each issue should we devote the races and athletes? Should we repeat the Travel Guide next year? Or not . Tell us about your favorite trail and we’ll tell the story. We need to hear what’s import ant to you. We’ll do our best to make it easy for you to send us your ideas.

Thanks for your help.
Cross Country Skier
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In this Issue:
No more waiting. The snow is on the ground. Time to ski. Destination profiles for Bear Valley, Stowe, Vermont and the Izaak Walton Inn will give you some ideas about where to escape for a winter vacation. Ron Watters “Real Men” story profiles Lum Turner, an early nordic skier. Jan Reynolds ’ “Thick or Thin” ponders the shape of backcountry equipment And our usual columnist send 2001 in fine form. In Fireside we talk with Luke Bodensteiner, Nordic Director of the USSA about his role in supporting our Olympic team. From a blank page, we’ve created an issue filled with stories we think you will enjoy. Tell us what you think.

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Cross Country Skier
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