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The World's Premiere Nordic Skiing Publication Volume 21, Issues 1

Clear Track
So Many More Stories to Tell

In August, when the first issue of the 2002 season was headed to your mailboxes, we had long lists of stories to explore, develop and present to you as the year unfolded. We started with three objectives. To educate, entertain and inspire our readers.

The four issues of the 2002 season are finished and I believe we’ve fulfilled our promise. Diane Richard and Antonina Anikina offered useful lessons on fitness and training. To help you find a new place to ski, we introduced you to West Yellowstone, Stowe,Vermont and Bear Valley, California. The Fireside column and stories about Ann Bancroft, Liv Arneson, Lem Turner offered thoughtful profiles of the people and personalities who have contributed to cross country skiing.

Ron Bergin’s interview of Bill Koch in this issue is an example of our quest to bring you stories that inspire and entertain.

After an afternoon of skiing, reading columns by Jim Smith and Phil White are a perfect way to relax, unwind and be entertained by writers who understand the appeal of being outside during the coldest months of the year. With the magazine production schedule completed for the year, we’re anxious to get out and write stories to pass along to you next year.

In February, all eyes will be on the Winter Olympics. We will watch with hopeful anticipation. Who will win, who will come so very close. Who will vow to return in four years for another chance? What legacy will Salt Lake leave behind? We’ll spend the rest of the winter answering those questions, visiting ski areas and connecting with cross country ski enthusiasts from all walks of life. They all have stories to tell. Cross Country Skier will give them a voice. Thanks for your kind words of support and encouragement. Keep sending your thoughts. May the new year greet you with plentiful snow, sunny skies and the time to enjoy it. Take care. Don’t forget to write. Cross Country Skier P.O. Box 550 Cable, WI 54821

In this Issue
There’s so much to read here. Take your time. Quinton Blanco finishes his journey in this issue. During the Olympics, use the Viewers guide to keep track of the events and read Jay Tegeder’s Olympic Picks to help you cheer on the United States Ski Team members. Watch for Isaac Menyoli. He is Cameroon’s first Winter Olympian. Read more about him in Fireside.

Steve Hindman describes the value of cross country ski training with his profile of the Professional Ski Instructors of America. In Cruising the Crust, John Torinus will help you extend the cross country ski season when most people are tuning up their mountain bikes.

Finally, we offer a selection of books related to nordic skiing and winter recreation to keep you company when you’ve come inside for the day.

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