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Who Am I, And What Am I Doing Here?

In thinking about my debut as publisher of Cross Country Skier magazine, I’m reminded of the opening remarks James Stockdale (running mate of Ross Perot) during the 1992 Vice Presidential debate – “Who am I, and what am I doing here ?” While I found it laughable at the time, it holds a certain amount of relevance to my current involvement with Cross Country Skier.

I come to this role with a variety of experiences – some of which specifically prepared me for the job, and others that collectively provide a broad foundation for the challenges that lie ahead of me. As I have mentioned before, I am first and fore most a skier and have been involved in the sport of cross country skiing for over 20 years - first as an interested outdoors person looking for something els e to do in the winter, and later as a passionate enthusiast and oc casional racer. I may not be an elite level, expert skier, but I’ve come a long way, especially since moving to northern Wisconsin 10 years ago. I enjoy participating in a handful of local events and logged my best Birkie (2:54) in 1997 and have had a couple of classic marathons at around three hours as well. But I’m basically just a solid “middle of my age class” finisher and mostly I try to ski as often as I can simply because I love to ski and enjoy being outdoors, not to mention what it has done for my physical fitness level.

For the past 10 years I’ve been involved in the sport on a more professional level as well. This includes five years as Media Coordinator for the American Birkebeiner and editor of the Birch Scroll, frequent freelance contributor for Silent Sports magazine, and over the past four Country Ski program in northwest Wisconsin. During the “off-season” I am generally immersed in non-motorized sporting activities including managing our local mountain bike trails association and presenting several special events. In my “spare” time I also play in and lead a 17 piece big band.

As to what am I doing here, I’d have to say that it’s pretty much a case of right place right time. I see myself as part entrepreneur and opportunist, part white knight, and part idealist. (Or maybe it’s all just part of an overdue mid-life crisis.) You know in those job intervie ws where they ask you what you expect to be doing in ten years? I can honestly say that ten years ago, or even five years ago, I did not expect to be publishing a cros s country ski magazine or anything remotely related. I neve r had a vision of myself doing t his, but when the opportunity came a long everything seemed to fit together and it made perfect sense. The magazine needed help and I am happy to now be in the position to try to do that . On a larger scale I do have a vision that Cross Country Skier can make significant contributions to the sport and beyond just the printed pages and I am solidly convinced that the magazine is indeed needed.

A couple of early snows have me excited about the coming season. We’ve received a lot of positive and const ruct ive support from readers and advertisers and I am very encouraged about the future of the magazine and hope you will help spread the word and continue to offer your suggestions and voice your support . That’s who I am, and what I’m doing here . Good skiing to you. — Ron

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