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Publishing Calendar: Cross Country Skier is published monthly in October, November, and December and bi-monthly in January and February (ISSN 0278-9213)
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Our readers are Nordic skiers. They are active enthusiasts who continually seek out information about ski trails, resorts, equipment, technique, competition and feature reports about cross country skiing.

We hope to establish relationships with freelance writers who demonstrate an understanding of cross country skiing and our reader's interests.


Read past issues of the magazine and visit the website to get a sense for our approach. We are looking for feature length essays on topics of interest to Nordic enthusiasts. Submit queries.

Cross Country Skier provides readers with in-depth descriptions of ski resorts, trail systems and winter vacation destinations in North America. The stories should give the reader a sense of the area and accommodations. Describe the trail systems in terms of length, level of difficulty, terrain and supporting facilities. The article should include all pertinent contact information. Photographs of the destination must be available. Digital format (minimum 100 dpi) is preferred.

There are many people involved in cross country skiing. Industry professionals, citizen racers, local ski club organizers and resort owners all have stories to tell. Submit queries.

Our readers are interested in the latest gear, equipment and accessories. Submissions should describe the gear, what's new and why it would be of interest to the readers. Photographs should be provided in digital format. Minimum 100 dpi.

From time to time, specific product categories will be compared and reviewed. Please submit queries.

Each issue of the magazine will feature local trails systems. The Hometown Trail should describe the location in several short paragraphs. Include tangible reasons why skiers should visit the trail. Provide pertinent contact information.

Submit short descriptions of news concerning local trails, festivals, events, competitions and citizen racers. Include all pertinent contact information.

Send samples of your published work with your query. Include a SASE envelope if your samples must be returned. We are not responsible for unsolicited artwork, photographs, and manuscripts, so please don't send original documents and photographs that you can't afford to lose.

Allow 6-8 weeks for replies. All queries should be sent to the editor at Cross Country Skier P.O. Box 550 Cable, WI, 54821 or via email at

Cross Country Skier assignments are made in writing, and require a signed contract with you, the freelance author, in order to be valid. The contract will specify payment amount, story length, payment terms, and rights purchased.

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