“Movin’ to Montana soon,
Gonna be a dental floss tycoon…”

Not that the lyrics of Frank Zappa’s 1973 whimsical ditty had anything to do with my visit to Yellowstone Country, but I couldn’t get them out of my head as I anticipated seeing some of the little-known and a few better-known cross country ski spots and attractions in this part of Montana.

Yellowstone Country is the geographic region of south central Montana including all of Yellowstone National Park (which actually extends into Wyoming). The region is bounded by Three Forks, Big Sky and West Yellowstone on the west, the southern border of Yellowstone National Park on the south, approximately Park City and Bridger on the east and extends about 100 miles or so north of Bozeman.

This is a region wealthy with natural attractions, and outdoor activities sufficient to suit the most divergent of tastes. So vast are its natural offerings that our sampler only scratches the surface of this gem of a region. Extended exploration and additional “research” will undoubtedly be required to do it full justice.