November 2008

Aroostock County is the northernmost county in Maine. It is as northwoods as you'll get. The place needs economic development and some organizers have turned to cross country skiing and biathlon as an answer. Read more about The Crown of Maine.

After traversing the same groomed trails weekend after weekend, many skiers want to break a trail of their own. That means backcountry and the tranquility or thrills of more rugged terrain. Read on ...

Fireside: Thom Perkins tramps through soft, frangrant, freshly bulldozed soil with a milion-dollar view of the White

Mountains. His goal: better skiing for recreational skiiers. Read about the latest endeavors of this Nordic hero.

What is the first image of cross country you remember? For most, it is probably a graceful skier striding fluidly across the terrain. It seems effortless and there is renewed interest in the classic technique.

Other features in the printed magazine

  • The Great Fridtjof Nansen: Skie Explorer and Humanitarian
  • Made in America
  • Grooming: What the Skier Doesn't See
  • Food as Fuel
  • Mountain Top Inn
  • Mt. Washington Valley's "Secret" Ski Center
  • Classic Skiing Escape in Quebec's Mt. Tremblant National Park

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