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Competitive Edge: The Teen Years and Beyond (January 2009) By J.D. Dowling — The final column in a three-part series about the competitive development process, starting with youth skiers.

Technique & Training (January 2009) By Steve Hindman — Flow is the feeling, flow is the beauty and flow is the key to a graceful and efficient diagonal stride. Here are a few ideas, concepts and drills to help you keep the flow, baby!

Technique & Training (December 2008) By Steve Hindman —Skating is sexy, skating is fast and skating is easy! Endless articles on what to do and how to do it make it seem complicated, but it needn’t be.
Competitive Edge (November 2008) By J.D. Dowling — This year I’m going to spend several columns going through the development cycle once again, but this time offering comments and observations specifically for those truly on the front lines. We start this journey with the youth years.

Technique and Training (November 2008) By Steve Hindman — Kids figure out how to stay upright and go faster by falling down a thousand times and chasing others kids. A childlike sense of curiosity and lots of time to play on skis can do the same for adults.

Fresh Snow (November 2008) By Ron Bergin — The funding of ski trails, and all non-motorized trails for that matter, is a subject of some concern to me. I write this column in hopes of stimulating some discussion, generating ideas and sharing success stories.

Competitive Edge (October 2008) By J.D. Dowling — As is typical in the valley that is the middle year in the Winter Olympic cycle, the 2007-08 international and North American seasons offered a handful of highlight moments and plenty of emerging trends to ponder. 

Technique and Training (October 2008) By Steve Hindman — Kids learn how to do what other kids are doing. They begin the process by watching and then trying it themselves. This works for adults, too, but not everyone has a gang of ski friends to go play with or the time to mess around until they figure it out.

Off-Track (October 2008) By Jimmy Vanden Brook — The New Nordic Network, as I envision it, would have a core of shows that would feature travel adventures, backcountry skiing, Nordic racing and ski instruction. But, it would also have to include some reality shows that would create a little buzz.

Training and Technique (Jan/Feb. 2008)

By Steve Hindman — The fundamentals of going with gravity are pretty simple: move with both skis as they slide down that slippery slope.

Off Track (Jan/Feb. 2008)

By Jimmy Vanden Brook — Anyone who drools, as my old Latin professor would say, has heard of rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, energy consumption and global warming.

Off Track (November 2007)

By Jimmy Vanden Brook — The omnivore's real dilemma: eat to ski or ski to eat? Middle of the pack, middle American boomers like me remember a childhood when food was primarily fuel.

A Body in Motion (November 2007)

By Stacie Lynn Grossfeld, M.D. — When I first start my workout the heel of my left foot hurts. It is a sharp stabbing pain that tends to get less painful as I warm up. Readers may be able to relate to this classic case of plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the soft tissue that attaches to the heel bone.

Competitive Edge (November 2007)

By J.D. Dowling — One of the many wonderful things about cross country ski competition is how removed our sport has remained from so many of the world’s problems.

Technique and Training(October 2007)

By Steve Hindman — As gas approaches $4 per gallon, I’m going farther with less by paying attention to how and when I push on the gas. Once I get to the trailhead, I’ve discovered I can also go farther (or faster) with less effort on skis if I push less and glide more.

Competitive Edge (October 2007)

By J.D. Downing — A recap of last year's international cross country ski competition: redemption for Finland's Virpi Kuitunen and transition time for Canada's women's team.

A Body in Motion (October 2007)

By Stacie Grossfeld — Knee pain afflicts a skier while hill bounding and classic skiing, yet there has been no trauma. What is the source of the pain? Our new columnist, practicing orthopaedist Stacie Grossfeld, provides some clues.

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