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There are some great ski destinations all around North America -- from Maine to B.C., and from the Midwest to the Northeast. Let Cross Country Skier help you find the perfect getaway.

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Inn-to-Inn on the Catamount (January/February 2009)

The Catamount Trail, in the heart of New England’s snowy landscape, is the longest backcountry ski trail in North America. The trail offers over 300 miles of mostly ungroomed wilderness skiing stretching the length of Vermont, from Massachusetts to the Canadian border. Read more . . .


Canmore Nordic Center(January/February 2009)

The Canmore Nordic Centre, owned and operated by the Province of Alberta, has become a great Nordic skiing destination and a venue that continues to play a key role in the successful, competitive structure for Canadian cross country skiing. Read more . . .

The Sylvania Wilderness (December 2009)

The Sylvania Wilderness in Michigan's western Upper Peninsula is one of those places that keeps calling publisher Ron Bergin back. There is no fancy Nordic center; not even groomed trails. But it is still a hidden gem for those who love the land and backcountry skiing. Read more . . .

Devil's Thumb Ranch (December 2008)

Not long ago, development almost consumed Devil's Thumb Ranch. But now owners Suzanne and Bob Fanch have made significant changes to turn the resort into a first-rate destination. Read on . . .

The Crown of Maine (November 2008)

Aroostock County is the northernmost county in Maine. It is as northwoods as you'll get. The place needs economic development and some organizers have turned to cross country skiing and biathlon as an answer. Read more about The Crown of Maine.

Chassell Classic Trail (Michigan) (October 2008)

The most significant thing that the Chassell Trail has going for it is that it is a single track, classic trail. So many trails of this nature have fallen by the wayside, or been converted to wide “skating lanes with a classic track on the side” type trails, that they are almost a dying breed. It’s refreshing, then, to come across such a trail as the Chassell. Read more . . .

Discovering Idaho (January/February 2008)

By Ron Bergin — It would not be an overstatement to say that the state of Idaho has some of the best cross country skiing in the country. One could easily construct an ambitious Nordic skiing vacation (or two) from all of these trails. Read more . . .

Yellowstone Country Sampler (December 2007)

A region so wealthy in attractions, scenery, snow and the granddaddy of national parks gives skiiers so many choices. Read more. Also, see photos from Yellowstone Country in our photo gallery.

Touring Anchorage (November 2007)

The skiing opportunities are so plentiful that one could easily devote a week or more to exploring the 130-plus kilometers of trails just in the immediate Anchorage area. Read more . . .

Lapham Peak, Wisconsin (October 2007)

By Lou Dzierzak—When the first snow falls in early November, Wisconsin’s Lapham Peak State Park is one of the busiest cross country ski venues in the Midwest. Read more . . .

Northwest Pennsylvania (October 2007)

By Lynn Bosco—With almost 100 inches of snowfall, the Northwest Pennsylvania Great Outdoors boasts 25 places to ski. Read more . . .

Crystal Lake, Pennsylvania (October 2007)

By Mike Buckley—“Let’s go again,” Lee said, as we exited Super Loop trail at Crystal Lake Ski Center. Again? The loop’s start is tough, a long and steep uphill climb, but it soon mellows into a few downhills that cut across the slope of the ridge and a fast flat with lots of glide. Read more . . .

The Other Mt. Washington:
Skiing on Vancouver Island
(January 2007)

By Ryan Stuart — Twelve feet of snow can make a big difference. Take the spot on the shoreline of Lake Helen McKenzie where I stood gasping for breath. I'd hiked past it on a trail near Mount Washington Alpine Resort at least 10 times during the summer. At least, I thought I had. Nothing looked the same now in midwinter. Luckily, the groomer had left a perfect track of corduroy to follow. Read more . . .

The Sugarbush Trail Minnesota (January 2007)

by Ron Bergin -- Driving north out of Duluth on US Hwy 61 along Lake Superior's north shore, you could easily think you'd been transported to coastal Maine or Oregon. This scenic route sets the stage for an idyllic journey to one of the more enjoyable upper Midwest skiing experiences. Read more . . .


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