January/February 2008

The Birkie Turns 35

By Ron Bergin — It started in 1973 with only 53 skiers, including those who participated in its half-distance version. The Birkie now annually attracting 6,500 or more skiers. Read more . . .

The Economics of Skiing

By Lou Dzierzak — The pay to play business model works -- from non-profit organizations to business relationship between resort owners, ski trail systems have honed financial business models to create stable long-term revenue streams. Read more . . .


December 2007

The Fine Art of Skiing

Cross Country Skier presents its sixth annual look at the work of talented artists. New this year: poetry and a photography contest. Read more . . .

Jack Meissner's Remarkable Journey

By Ron Watters — It was 1948 and Jack Meissner decided to ski 250-300 miles of rugged Oregon mountainous terrain. His motivation? Money. Money?

November 2007

Off the Beaten Track

By Lou Dzierzak — While some think of backcountry skiing as an extreme adrenal rush, cross country skiers find it a quiet way to explore the woods and see familiar summer surroundings made mystical by blankets of snow. Read more.

The Winter's Night Sky

By Ron Watters — Ron turns a grooming breakdown into a festive night of winter stargazing. Read more..

October 2007

By Ron Bergin — More than 3,000 skiers, snow by Thanksgiving, manufacturer demos and great food. What's not to like about West Yellowstone, Montana, in November? Read more . . .

By Jay Bender — There is a sport that can inject a kind of dark horse, come-from-behind excitement into your racing: biathlon. The element of shooting adds a wild card; even the good skiers may end up on the penalty loop. Read more . . .

Advocacy: Step it Up '07

By Bill McKibben — In the kingdom of sports, the most sensitive species is almost certainly cross country skiing. Its dependence on natural snow means that it may not have a future at all — unless, of course, we’re able to do something about the carbon dioxide pouring into the atmosphere. Read more . . .

Other Features (only in the printed magazine)

  • The Land Rush is On by Ron Bergin
  • Winter Navigation by Ron Watters
  • Uphill Skiers by Dennis Lazof
  • The Life and Times of a Nordic Center by Molly Murfee
  • Club Feature: Cairngorn Biathlon and Nordic Ski Club by Roger Homyer