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    DMT and Swix Sport Form Ski Industry Partnership

    DMT Diamond Machining Technology has long been recognized as a superior sharpening solution for winter sports enthusiasts. DMT is pleased to announce its partnership with Swix Sport USA to create a line of co-branded diamond ski-tuning stones. DMT will produce two custom Swix Sport ski and snowboard sharpeners-70 mm and 111mm long-in five grits. These sharpeners will be unique to Swix and will feature DMT's iconic polka dot pattern.

    Swix Sport USA will become the largest distributor of DMT's ski and snowboard sharpening stones in the US. "With this step, Swix has strengthened its position as the number one Alpine Tuning Tool supplier in the ski and snowboard industry," said Steven Poulin, CEO of Swix Sport USA.

    "Skiers and snowboarders recognize the value of DMT diamond stones to improve their performance on the slopes. This partnership with Swix Sport USA will get the DMT brand in front of more people. The strength of the Swix brand will boost our presence in the ski and snowboard market," said Mark Brandon, president of DMT.

    Poulin agrees both companies will benefit from partnering in product development, logistics, sales and marketing.

    "With the vast distribution power of Swix and our ability to reach thousands of specialty retailers, combined with DMT's engineering and product development, this partnership makes complete sense for both brands," said Poulin.

    DMT has begun delivering the first of its Swix Sport sharpeners in the United States. The companies plan on extending the program to Europe later in 2012.

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