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    Rossignol Announces New Nordic Racing Manager

    The Rossignol Group is pleased to announce the hire of Paul Clark as the new Nordic Racing Manager. The Nordic Racing Manager will be responsible for all things racing, with a primary focus on increasing brand awareness and demand within the USSA and NCAA ranks. Rossignol's objective with this new role is to increase retail sales of race product by driving athletes to Rossignol Racing Centers.

    "The addition of a new Nordic Racing Manager highlights Rossignol's commitment to supporting Nordic racing at the competitive and retail levels," said Tim Petrick, President, Rossignol Group NA. "Coming off of one of the worst winters on record, the importance of this cannot be overstated. Paul's history with Rossignol, combined with his extensive experience in the racing community will prove invaluable as we head into the 2012/13 season."

    For the past 10 years Paul has worked at Jan's/White Pine Touring, a Rossignol Race Center, and was most recently the Director of the White Pine Touring Nordic Center in Park City.

    "Paul is well connected and respected within the Nordic Racing community. His athletic, technical and retail experience will prove a valuable resource for our retail partners as we continue to grow the Nordic division," said Ryan Green, Rossignol Nordic Division Manager.

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