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    Allegany State Park Secures $50,000 Trail Improvement Grant

    A $50,000 grant has been received by Allegany State Park for the renovation of the Art Roscoe Cross Country Ski Trails. Proceeds will be used for ditching, grading, culvert replacements & additions, and forestry. Work is already underway and expected to be completed before the 2012-13 ski season.

    Located south of Buffalo, New York on the New York-Pennsylvania border, the 65,000-acre Allegany State Park is the largest park in the NYS system. The 20-mile Art Roscoe Trail system is a doublewide system groomed for classic only skiing using an LMC Bearcat and Scandic snowmobiles. The trails are one of the most beautiful trail systems in the Northeast with uninterrupted trails, no power lines or buildings, just scenic vistas of the Allegany Mountains. Rentals and trailside cabins are available. No admission or trail fees are currently charged in the winter, but contributions to Allegany Nordic, which contributes equipment and volunteer hours to the ski program, are encouraged.

    These improvements to the trails will be a huge step forward for the skiing program at the park. Allegany Nordic volunteers and park personnel have not been able to keep up with the work required to keep water and debris off the trail. Grant proceeds will not only stop many of the problems in well-known areas of the trail but also upgrade some areas identified as potential problems. It will also make the skiing experience better and safer, as well as make the trails easier and safer for park crews to groom the trails.

    News of the trail grant comes on the heels of a string of other recent successes for the cross country skiing program at Allegany State Park. Summit storage for trail-side storage of grooming equipment became a reality last fall. A new Scandic snowmobile was purchased last year by the park. Allegany Nordic has raised over $7,000 in the last year and donated grooming implements to the park. The Allegany Nordic website now provides valuable and timely information to skiers far and wide (1800 unique visitors last January). Cumulatively these individual successes paint a very promising picture not only for the Allegany Park trail system, but also cross country skiing in western New York in general.

    For more information, visit [link=hyperlink url]http://alleganynordic.org/[/link].

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