Cross Country Skier Racing

Parenting a Young Skier (Jan./Feb. 2009)

Tips from Justin Easter on your young racer. Read more . . .

Distance Training (Jan./Feb. 2009)

The latest in a series from CXC skiers. Read more . . .

The Teen Years and Beyond (Jan./Feb. 2009)

Last is a series of article about youth skiing. Read more . . .

Intensity Training (Dec. 2008)

Incorporating intensity into your training is a great way to improve your skiing. Read more . . .

Determining Intensity Zones (Nov. 2008)

There are five basic zones or levels used to classify different intensities of training. Read more . . .

Straight Talk on Youth Programs (Nov. 2008)

By J.D. Dowling — We start this journey with the youth years and – as was pointed out in these pages last year – there is an awful lot like about youth cross country skiing. Read more . . .

Elite Scene: Then, Now, Next (Oct. 2008)

By J.D. Dowling — As is typical in the valley that is the middle year in the Winter Olympic cycle, the 2007-08 international and North American seasons offered a handful of highlight moments and plenty of emerging trends to ponder. Read more . . .

Competitive Development (Jan/Feb. 2008)

By J.D. Dowling — Part II of a big picture view at the many positive things that are happening in U.S. youth and junior competitive development.

Regional Updates (Jan/Feb. 2008)

From CXC to the Rockies.

The Master's World Cup (Jan/Feb. 2008)

By J.D. Dowling — The 2008 Masters World Cup, taking place March 1-7, 2008, in McCall, Idaho, will mark the first ”Worlds” hosted in the U.S. since 1998.

The Birkie at 35 (Jan/Feb. 2008)

By Ron Bergin — There is a lot of passion for this largest of cross country ski events in North America. It started in 1973 with only 53 skiers.

Ski-Specific Strength Training (Dec. 2007)

By Garrott Kuzzy — Whether you are a high school, college or master skier, strength training will help you ski faster with more power and greater efficiency.

Event Profile: The Canadian Birkebeiner (Dec. 2007)

By Ron Bergin — The Canadian Birkebeiner takes place annually on the second Sunday in February. It’s a 55 kilometer, classic technique race which, like its Norwegian predecessor, requires racers to carry a 5.5 kilogram (12 pound) pack.

Competitive Edge by J.D. Downing (October 2007)

A preview of the 2007-08 racing season. Read more . . .

Now That You Ask Me by Nat Brown
(January 2007)

What could have been . . . and should be. American skiiers have shown they have what it takes. More . . .

The U.S. Program: Taking it to the Next Step
by John Estle (January 2007)

During the 2006 Olympics the United States Ski Team brass made an announcement of tremendous importance to American cross country ski racing. The officials announced that the budget for the cross country program would increase by approximately 50% going into the post-Olympic season. More . . .

Event Profile: Silver Star Nordic Snowfest
(January 2007)

Long regarded as one of the pre-eminent Nordic ski festivals in North America, plans are already underway for the 2007 edition of the Silver Star Nordic SnowFest. More . . .