Technique & Training

Keep the Flow, Baby!

(January/February 2009)

Flow is the feeling, flow is the beauty and flow is the key to a graceful and efficient diagonal stride. Flow is an elusive thing to describe but easy to feel when present or absent. Here are a few ideas, concepts and drills to help you keep the flow, baby!. Read more >

Distance Training

(January/February 2009)

There are many physiological systems that play a role in performance gains. Total conditioning can be a result of cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and power, coordination, speed or flexibility. To optimize performance in cross country skiing, it is necessary to train all systems with the appropriate balance that is specific to the sport. The focus of this article will be Read more >

Three Steps to Skating

(December 2008)

Skating is sexy, skating is fast and skating is easy! Endless articles on what to do and how to do it make it seem complicated, but it needn't be. Skating is easy and fun when you follow these three steps: prepare, move over and extend. Let me explain Read more >

Intensity Training

(December 2008)

ncorporating intensity into your training is a great way to improve your skiing. Ski training is based on the theory of stress and recovery. Intensity training stresses your body and breaks down your muscles, and recovery helps build your body back stronger than before. Knowing how to Read more >

Technique & Training

Learning to Learn How to Ski

(November 2008)

Kids figure out how to stay upright and go faster by falling down a thousand times and chasing others kids. A childlike sense of curiosity and lots of time to play on skis can do the same for adults .... Read more >

Make it Your Own

(October 2008)

Kids learn how to do what other kids are doing. They begin the process by watching and then trying it themselves. This works for adults, too ... Read more >

Push Less and Glide More

(October 2007)

Once I get to the trailhead, I've discovered I can also go farther (or faster) with less effort on skis if I push less and glide more ... Read more >

CAT Ski Training

(October 2007)

As an avid skier, it was always a sad day when that last patch of snow melted. I knew that this meant untold months of training on hard roads with traffic on roller skis. The outlook was bleak. I couldn't even count on the snow's return; the effects of ... Read more >

Technique & Training

The Essentials of Good Skiing

(January 2007)

Twenty instructors from across the country met in West Yellowstone this fall to agree on the essentials of good skiing. Although this could have been a daunting task, two coaches from the US Ski Team who joined us helped by sharing the ... Read more >

Double Pole Transitions

(December 2006)

The ski routes in Norway's Jotunheim region cross some very long lakes--in fact, you can spend the entire day skiing across just one. After three of four hours skiing on the same lake, you no longer try to stay with your partners or even stop to rest. All you want to do is ... Read more >

Rational Kick Wax Selection

(December 2006)

There are few things worse than a classic race with the wrong kick wax on your skis-and few areas where so much voodoo and panic replace reason-often with ... Read more >

Plan Your Training

(December 2006)

The goal of a training plan is to outline future training in an effective, practical manner. To create a successful training plan, consider a number of ... Read more >

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