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    The Keweenaw’s Hidden Gem, The Chassell Trail

      By Ron Bergin The most significant thing that the Chassell Trail has going for it is that it is a single track, classic trail. So many trails of this nature have fallen by the wayside, or been converted to wide “skating lanes with a classic track on the side” […]

    Peak-To-Peak Skiing at Purcell Lodge, BC

    “Heather, this looks like the spot.” Our search began in early fall of 2002 as we scanned the web sites of backcountry ski operators in British Columbia for a spot that would satisfy our divergent visions of what would make a great ski holiday. I was after the steep and […]

    Cape breton island: winter excursions in a land of moose, mountains and mega snow

      It was 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and the sun made snow stars dance in my sun glasses. My shoulders brushed the snow-covered spruce limbs as I followed our guide along a route through trees rendered tunnel-like by their overloaded branches. Periodically Les, our lead guide, raised his hand to slow […]

    Ski Town: Twin Cities is the most fun city(s) in America

    “Minneapolis is the most fun city in America,” concluded a survey commissioned by the maker the Cranium board games. For many years, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have been at the top of Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” annual survey. If there was a civic award […]


    10th Mountain

    By Becky Lomax Just follow the blue diamonds. Easily said, but not as obvious as skiing up the Yellow Brick Road! With a map, compass and every skill we’d developed for reading vague trail markings, we ascended the steep ridge to 11,600 feet. Just around the corner, Skinner Hut, the […]


    Adirondack Nordic: High Peaks And The Jackrabbit Trail

      In my mind, New York’s Adirondack region is the great American wilderness. Though I love my Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains, the dark forests and silent lakes of upstate New York are still for me the original wild places—almost certainly the result of childhood summer vacations in the […]