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Small Exercises, Big Improvements: How to use bands and overlooked movements to prevent injury

The basement of my college athletics complex housed a training room with all sorts of rehab equipment. Physio balls, elastic bands, cable machines and balance boards lay strewn across the carpeted floor. I would usually walk by and scoff internally at the athletes repeatedly stretching their ankles with the elastic […]

Pack It In: Gear is expensive—get it to your destination in one piece

When taking a ski trip, there’s nothing worse than arriving safely at your destination only to find that your gear did not. For many skiers, time on the snow means a bit of travel, and whether on a car ride to the nearby ski area or a plane flight to […]

Fuel the Fire: How eating right can optimize your time on the trail

A skier has to eat! Even the most effortless glide requires your body to be fueled well with carbs, proteins, and hydration. Instead of getting lost in the blizzard of dietary fads and supplements, stick to some basic and easy-to-remember rules, and you can make the most of every session […]

Reset and Recover: How post-workout routines can help make the biggest gains

It’s easy to feel like you’re getting stronger and faster during a training session. Kilometers tick by, you daydream of adventures in the year to come and your sweat is a tangible, salty reminder of the work you are putting in. Exerting effort triggers a promise of higher performance, whether […]

THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE WAX JOB: Moving beyond scrapers, brushes and irons

If the proliferation of waxes, skis, training equipment and outdoor gear involved in Nordic skiing has you overwhelmed, it’s intimidating to think that you need even more tools to keep it all in good shape. Luckily, most skiers like to work with their hands just as much as their lungs. […]

Liquid Diet: How non-traditional paraffins have revolutionized ski waxing

A dimly lit basement workbench. The sharp scratches of wax being scraped from a ski base. Rhythmic swipes of a brush. A thin wisp of smoke coiling up from a hot iron. This is an idyllic ski scene; the dedicated skier burning the midnight fluoro, preparing diligently for the next […]