Susan Dunklee: A Green Team Racer Chasing Gold

As part of an upcoming print feature, Cross Country Skier magazine caught up with several members of Craftsbury’s Green Racing Project, including U.S. biathlete Susan Dunklee. Read, in her own words, about her path from collegiate skiing to Olympic biathlon. I started biathlon after graduating college in 2008. I was offered […]

U.S. Ski Team Head Coach Chris Grover on The World Cup Schedule, TV and making Cross Country Ski Racing Easier to Digest

By November 24th, the best cross-country skiers in the world will make their annual pilgrimage to northern Finland to kick off the opening races of the World Cup season. This year, however, their schedule looks a bit different. The 2017-2018 World Cup Calendar decreases the variation in race distances and formats, a change that aims to build interest in the sport but has created frustration among some of its athletes. The current World Cup schedule features primarily 10kms (15km for men) and sprint races, includes a single skiathlon, a single team sprint and a single 30/50km. It also eliminates all 5/10kms and team relay events. The World Cup schedule has historically boasted a wide range of race formats from the 2.5km prologue to 20km mass starts. The more uniform schedule simplifies the sport, but at what cost?

Skiing With the Stars

It’s not every day you get to ski with the three best cross country skiers in the United States. Participants at the 2011 Cross Country Ski Areas Association (CCSAA) conference this past April, however, enjoyed just that opportunity. Thanks to the generosity of Peter Ashley of Fischer Skis and CCSAA, […]

Competitive Edge: Occupy April

Occupy April : Rethinking the National and International Race Season Schedule The international 2011-12 race season got off to a chaotic start with a dozen or so of the earliest northern European races cancelled or moved due to warm weather and low snow. Those venues able to provide earliest season […]

Take an Ice Bath it feels Great

What? Seriously? Yes. Immersing your muscles in cold water has been a growing recovery technique used by athletes all over the world, including cross country skiers. The cold water helps treat the muscle soreness, strain and inflammation that you experience after a hard workout. It is also said to prevent […]

Finnhook for Recovery

The Finnhook is a versatile , ergonomic , and easy-to-use wellness product that provides the benefits of massage, acupressure and trigger point therapy all in one. After almost 15 years of training and competition I have my first nagging injury. Still trying to maintain my training hours and mobility, I […]