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    Marwe Classic 700XC Rollerskis – 2017 Gear Guide

    “These skis were as close to skiing on snow as I’ve found in rollerskis.” Finnsisu.com | $369 | 1050g [700mm] MADE WITH the same honeycomb dampening technology as the Skate 620XC, Marwe’s Classic 700XC rollerski flexes even more ski-like, testers felt. “These skis were as close to skiing on snow […]

    Swix Classic Roadline C2 Rollerskis – 2017 Gear Guide

    “Utilizing the rear ratchet these skis kicked a bit differently—in a good way. They were incredibly smooth and tracked well.” Swixsport.com | $290 | 1000g [790mm] REMEMBER YOUR old Pro-Ski C2 classic rollerskis? Swix acquired Pro-Ski technology and has been branding them in flashy white and yellow. Like the old […]

    ONE WAY Skate 10 Rollerskis – 2017 Gear Guide

    “These were incredibly stable skis and they swung just like the real thing,” Onewaysport.com | $260 | 660G [530mm] ONE WAY lowered the frame on their Skate 10 rollerski by 10mm in order to increase the “ski like” feeling and sturdiness—testers felt it worked. “These were incredibly stable skis and […]

    V2 Aero 150 Rollerskis – 2017 Gear Guide

    Jenex.com | $350 | 1025g [604mm] THE V2 Aero 150s, with their pneumatic wheels, are a fantastic option for skiing smooth, hardpacked, dirt roads. If you’re looking to avoid traffic or the blazing heat of pavement, these big wheels are designed to roll over rough surfaces with ease. They provide […]

    Fischer RCS Carbonlite Rollerskis – 2017 Gear Guide

    “The carbon-fiber look and flex made the skis look sleek and feel fast. I wonder how the ski would hold up to a couple of crashes, rocks or dives in the ditch.” Fischersports.com | $340 | 1014g [630mm] “NICE SMOOTH finish. One of the first things I noticed was how […]

    Marwe Skate 620XC Rollerskis – 2017 Gear Guide

    “The gliding experience felt similar to snow and the stability allowed a really natural balance for skating, like being on snow.” Finnsisu.com | $369 | 900g [620Mm] MADE TO FLEX directly underfoot—think camber in a skate ski—Marwe’s 620XC skate rollerski, well, rolled well in our test. It could be because […]