• The 2018 PyeongChang Olympics Nordic Guide

    WE LOVE THE OLYMPICS  as much as you do, so we want to make it easy for you to find the information you're looking for. On this page we will compile schedules, course descriptions, uniform guides, athlete stories and updates from the Games.

    Editorial Director, Adam Howard, is on the ground in PyeongChang, so stay tuned for insider stories right off the race course.  


    Jessie Diggins battles to the finish line with Maiken Caspersen Falla of Norway and Stina Nilsson of Sweden. Photo: Cody Downard

    Not an ounce of energy is left on the course as Diggins and Nilsson power toward a race for first place. Photo: Cody Downard

    Lunging at the line, Diggins makes history, earning the United States' first cross country Olympic medal since 1976.

    Diggins throws up her arm, knowing that she and Kikkan Randall are taking home the gold. Photo: Cody Downard

    Crossing the finish line, Diggins and Randall become the first American cross country skiers to win an Olympic medal since Bill Koch at the 1976 Games—and the first American women to ever do so. Photo: Cody Downard

    Shouts of joy could be heard for minutes as Randall joined Diggins in the finish corral. Photo: Cody Downard

    Wrapped in stars and stripes these two skiers from Minnesota and Alaska have achieved a lifelong goal. Photo: Cody Downard

    The top step of the podium always feels the best. Photo: Cody Downard

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    • From Koch to Kikkan: Gold Medal sprint team takes on torch from legend In Jessie Diggins’s bedroom in Afton, Minnesota, there’s a poster of Bill Koch. In it the 1976 Olympic silver medalist in the 30km is sand skiing against a backdrop of white Hawaiian surf crashing at his feet. Koch was famous enough then, and cross country skiing was big enough in the U.S., that he could, well, play against type: Not every image of him had to be an endorsement of some ski industry sponsor. But it was the man and not, perhaps, the method that inspired a young Diggins to steal her mother Deb’s poster. And until Wednesday, February 21, 2018 ...
    • Cross Country Skier’s Top Seven Olympic Oddities and Observations The men’s Nordic combined or the mixed biathlon relay that I watched last night could have been contested anywhere in the world that has a jump, a range and a track. But Cross Country Skier photo editor Cody Downard and me came here, to PyeongChang, South Korea, to watch them in the midst of hundreds of other contests. And while we came for the sport, and have thus far been moved by it, it’s the little things, the human things, that you can only get when the Olympic Games brings it all together. Here’s a list of three day’s worth of ...
    • Goals: Reverse Splits—Women wanted relay medal; men had another hope American veteran racer Andy Newell was lit up by the lights of the Alpsensia Olympic Stadium on Saturday night. Leaning alone on the railing in the media zone, he looked quietly over the medal celebrations happening below him among the Norwegian, French and Russian teams and fans. To his right, his young teammates Reese Hanneman and Scott Patterson soaked up a different kind of light, speaking to reporters about their first trip to the big game. Newell is married to our editor at large, Erika Flowers Newell, and he and I have corresponded a bit for stories here and there, most ...
    • Matt Whitcomb: good, clean, sport—Outspoken critic of doping, American coach helps fallen Russian in men’s classic sprint American women’s cross country head coach Matt Whitcomb is anything but understated in his opposition to the casual penalties handed down to Russian athletes, suspended from the PyeongChang Olympics after being found guilty of doping at the Sochi Games. You could say he’s got a “you’re either with us or against us” attitude toward keeping the sport clean. In the men’s classic sprint quarter-final, he was in the coaches section when American Simi Hamilton was involved in a crash with several others—including Olympic Athlete from Russia, Alexey Vitsenko, who’d had an equipment failure. We caught up with Matt after the women’s ...
    • All That Glitters is, Actually, Gold: American women show heart, tears and progress in 4x5km relay A decade before tennis legend Billie Jean King whipped Bobby Riggs in straight sets at the Houston Astrodome on national television in 1973 my mom was suspended from Burlington High School for wearing pants. Pants. As in, not a dress. It was on my 14-hour flight to Seoul, South Korea to catch tonight’s Women’s Olympic 4x5km relay, that I watched Battle of the Sexes, the powerful movie based on how Ms. King backhanded a millennia of male-dominated thinking about women in sport. It got me thinking, not just about the American women’s cross country team and how far they’ve come, but ...

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