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    Jessie Diggins battles to the finish line with Maiken Caspersen Falla of Norway and Stina Nilsson of Sweden. Photo: Cody Downard

    Not an ounce of energy is left on the course as Diggins and Nilsson power toward a race for first place. Photo: Cody Downard

    Lunging at the line, Diggins makes history, earning the United States' first cross country Olympic medal since 1976.

    Diggins throws up her arm, knowing that she and Kikkan Randall are taking home the gold. Photo: Cody Downard

    Crossing the finish line, Diggins and Randall become the first American cross country skiers to win an Olympic medal since Bill Koch at the 1976 Games—and the first American women to ever do so. Photo: Cody Downard

    Shouts of joy could be heard for minutes as Randall joined Diggins in the finish corral. Photo: Cody Downard

    Wrapped in stars and stripes these two skiers from Minnesota and Alaska have achieved a lifelong goal. Photo: Cody Downard

    The top step of the podium always feels the best. Photo: Cody Downard

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    The 2018 PyeongChang Olympics Cross Country Skiing Uniforms

    If you’re only tuning in for the Olympics, and haven’t been following ski racing the rest of the season, it can be difficult to differentiate the countries by their uniforms during a race, particularly a mass start event. There are, after all, a lot of reds, whites, blues and yellows. Fortunately, our editors have been following the World Cup and are prepared to describe what to look for when the racing starts in PyeongChang.

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    The 2018 PyeongChang Olympics Nordic Schedule

    Finding Olympic schedules isn’t always the easiest task. So, we decided to organize all three Nordic events—cross country skiing, biathlon and Nordic combined—into one easy-to-read program.

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    The 2018 PyeongChang Olympics Nordic Course

    The 2018 PyeongChang Olympics venue, test run at World Cup events last February, offers technical trails, fast corners and one spectacular climb.

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    By Erika Flowers

    Erika Flowers is a full-time Nordie, racing for the SMS Elite Team out of Stratton, Vermont. She learned to ski on the trails of the West, taking her first strides with the Bridger Ski Foundation in Bozeman, Montana and later competing at the NCAA level for Dartmouth College. She turned her passion into a full-time Olympic endeavor and started blogging about it, sharing the trials, successes and failures of a person pursuing a dream. Her weekly musings cover everything from the joys of a perfect extra-blue day to the challenges of setting goals and falling short along with the wisdom learned (and sometimes forgotten) along the way. Her stories of training, racing, waxing, eating, and living life on the road as a professional cross-country skier provide an open door into the world of Nordic skiing.

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