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Cross Country Skier is the Journal of Nordic Skiing. Published during the height of the ski season with November/December and January/February issues, each includes feature articles, destinations, helpful information and perspectives from a variety of columnists, training and technique tips, ski club, personality, and event features; and high performance and racing for the more competitive members of our audience.

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Nordic Nation

Compiled and Edited by Allison Slavick

Twelve athletes were formally named to the U.S. Cross Country Ski Team on the eve of the 2014-15 FIS World Cup season that began November 29-30 in ... ... read entire story here...

New SkiErg Introduced

SkiErg ... ... read entire story here...

How to Avoid an Early-Season Peak and not be the ‘Thanksgiving turkey’

By Santi Ocariz

As summer transitions to fall, the morning air begins to have a slight crisp chill, the leaves turn from dark green to fiery reds and golds, and th ... ... read entire story here...

U.S. Cross Country Skiing Championships

Registration has opened for the 2015 U.S. Cross Country Skiing Championships, January 2-10, 2015, at the Michigan Tech Nordic Trai ... ... read entire story here...

Madshus Establishes Peter Hale Memorial Sponsorship Program

Nordic ski company Madshus has announced the launch of the first annual Peter Hale Memorial Sponsorship Program. Ea ... ... read entire story here...

Dryland Drills

Training exercises and drills will help improve endurance, strength and technique.

Whether you are a strictly recreational skier, ... ... read entire story here...

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