Life on the Tracks

Erika Flowers is a full-time Nordie, racing for the SMS Elite Team out of Stratton, Vermont. She learned to ski on the trails of the West, taking her first strides with the Bridger Ski Foundation in Bozeman, Montana and later competing at the NCAA level for Dartmouth College. She turned her passion into a full-time Olympic endeavor and started blogging about it, sharing the trials, successes and failures of a person pursuing a dream. Her weekly musings cover everything from the joys of a perfect extra-blue day to the challenges of setting goals and falling short along with the wisdom learned (and sometimes forgotten) along the way. Her stories of training, racing, waxing, eating, and living life on the road as a professional cross-country skier provide an open door into the world of Nordic skiing.

Girl Talk

Just over a week ago, four girls secured the first ever relay medal for the U.S. at World Junior Championships in Soldier Hollow, UT. One day before the historic event, an altogether different story played out in Ketchum, Idaho. The small mountain town of Ketchum has played host to the […]

The 5 Stages of a Snowpocalypse

We thought we were headed to the Golden State, the land of brilliant sunshine, perfect corduroy and warm temperatures also known as California. After a week in Utah for U.S. Nationals that included rain, snow, sub zero temperatures and everything in between, California promised a welcome change of pace and […]

The Top Step

I once had a coach tell me, “You are getting better…just not fast enough.” I’ve always thought of myself as a very coachable athlete, absorbing every nugget of advice and tackling it with laser, sometimes obsessive, focus. But, despite my measured improvement from year to year, those few words brushed […]