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Help Cross Country Skier Reach an Olympic Gold Medal (Ceremony)

Dear XCS Community,

Now that Height of Land has Cross Country Skier Magazine, I’ve finally got a great reason to go to the Olympics. This opportunity has come together very late in the game and we have not been able to raise the sponsorship support to cover our Olympics project. But, I’ve had such an overwhelming response from everyone who learned that I “might” be able to make it to the Games and write about our amazing U.S. Cross Country Ski team, that I’ve just got to give the effort one last shot. I will blog and write and photograph and social my ass off on behalf of Nordic Nation! Next year, I will write a feature on flying to Seoul with my sleeping bag and press pass; the legendary press buffets, and all the hidden stories that will surround our U.S. Nordic team. Any surplus funds raised beyond the couch-surfing minimum will be donated to the National Nordic Foundation.

I would greatly appreciate any support you could lend by donating at my GoFundMe page.

– Adam Howard, Editorial Director, Cross Country Skier