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Keep the Flow, Baby!

By Steve Hindman Flow is the feeling, flow is the beauty and flow is the key to a graceful and efficient diagonal stride. Flow is an elusive thing to describe but easy to feel when present or absent. Here are a few ideas, concepts and drills to help you keep […]


Three Steps to Skating

By Steve Hindman Skating is sexy, skating is fast and skating is easy! Endless articles on what to do and how to do it make it seem complicated, but it needn’t be. Skating is easy and fun when you follow these three steps: prepare, move over and extend. Let me […]

Push Less and Glide More: Better Mileage

By Steve Hindman As gas approaches $4 per gallon, I’m going farther with less by paying attention to how and when I push on the gas.  Once I get to the trailhead, I’ve discovered I can also go farther (or faster) with less effort on skis if I push less […]


Downhill Dryland

By Steve Hindman Skiing in most locales requires that you go down hills as well as up hills and across the flats. Due to the wonder of gravity, you have less time to learn how to go downhill by actually skiing down the hills than you have on the flats […]


Poling Principles

A lifetime of walking and running will help you use your legs to get around on skis. Poling, on the other hand, is a different matter. You could use poles as you walk or run during your daily routine, but you might get a little tired explaining yourself. A more […]


Balance on Skis

By STEVE HINDMAN Common wisdom has it that there is no free lunch, but that’s not entirely true for the skier, at least in a metaphorical sense. Out on the ski trails, the freebie is called glide. To glide without a hill to slide down, you need the ability to […]