Len Johnson Roller Ski Man

By Bill McKibben One day in 1973, Len Johnson, newly arrived in southern New Hampshire, went out for a roller ski to explore his neighborhood. “The roller skis I had were made in Finland—I don’t even remember the name of them, but they were very fast.” He started off down […]

Winter Carnival Weather

By Bill McKibben Wednesday, 10 a.m. “This is the final exam,” John Rubright is saying. “This is what makes me anxious all year. And I do get anxious.” Middlebury Winter Carnival is 48 hours away, and Rubright—as he has for the last 23 years—is in charge of preparing the college’s […]

Beech Trees Demystified

By BILL McKIBBEN ROUNDING A CORNER IN FULL STRIDE, KICK AND GLIDING ON SOME SUBLIME LATE-WINTER KLISTER MIX and suddenly the tracks ahead are tan instead of white, half an inch deep in leaves. I screech to a halt and jump out of the tracks, anything to keep from picking […]


Global Warming and Cross Country Skiing

By BILL McKIBBEN When you live in a remote and wild place like the Adirondack Mountains in northern New York, you can fool yourself into thinking that you left behind some of the environmental problems that people deal with in other places. Then one day it hit me like a […]