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    From Koch to Kikkan: Gold Medal sprint team takes on torch from legend

    In Jessie Diggins’s bedroom in Afton, Minnesota, there’s a poster of Bill Koch. In it the 1976 Olympic silver medalist in the 30km is sand skiing against a backdrop of white Hawaiian surf crashing at his feet. Koch was famous enough then, and cross country skiing was big enough in […]

    Goals: Reverse Splits—Women wanted relay medal; men had another hope

    American veteran racer Andy Newell was lit up by the lights of the Alpsensia Olympic Stadium on Saturday night. Leaning alone on the railing in the media zone, he looked quietly over the medal celebrations happening below him among the Norwegian, French and Russian teams and fans. To his right, […]

    All That Glitters is, Actually, Gold: American women show heart, tears and progress in 4x5km relay

    A decade before tennis legend Billie Jean King whipped Bobby Riggs in straight sets at the Houston Astrodome on national television in 1973 my mom was suspended from Burlington High School for wearing pants. Pants. As in, not a dress. It was on my 14-hour flight to Seoul, South Korea […]

    Skiing the Nordmarka

    I knew it would be easy, I just didn’t know it would be this easy. As a Vermonter living in Norway for a year, I’m continually impressed with the investment this country has made in public recreation, and at this time of year, it’s abundantly obvious that access to skiing […]

    Bill Koch Reflects

    “The pure essence of cross country skiing is sacred and untouchable and will always be that way.” That’s the way Bill Koch describes the sport that has played such a major role in his life. Almost 30 years after he won a silver medal at the 1976 Olympics, the fire […]

    Women’s Winter Tour Chocolate Inspires National Series of Women’s Events

    Kaye Krapohl loves winter. She also loves chocolate…so much so that her friends call her Choc-Kaye-late. With the combination of winter and chocolate, Krapohl spawned a unique women’s outdoor event. For the past seven years, Krapohl has dedicated her talents to convincing women to join her in winter and get […]