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Subscribers Keep Us Pushing Forward

Dear reader,

It’s a common refrain around our office that Cross Country Skier is the uncontested, leading English-language cross country ski magazine in the world. Sure, we believe that we make a pretty darn good magazine. But, truth be told, the statement is more of a joke than a not-so-humble brag. Because, to the best of our knowledge, we’re publishing the only magazine printed in English that’s devoted to sliding on skinny skis.

This became a sad reality last August when SkiTrax and Master Skier Ski Journal, our two competing titles in North America, both closed their doors within a single week of each other. No, we didn’t drive them into submission with our superior prose or eye-catching photography. Rather, they succumbed to the mounting challenges of today’s media landscape—print, online or otherwise. And while hammering ahead with no competition in pursuit may seem like an easy prospect, the track is icy and getting the right wax will be tough.

While the current global pandemic has spurred major growth in outdoor, self-propelled sports, it’s conversely led advertisers to tighten their belts and left media companies grappling with shirking freelance budgets and layoffs of journalists, photographers and designers. Cross Country Skier has been relatively fortunate—we’re still working with the writers and photographers whose words and images regularly fill our pages; we still held our Gear Test last spring, albeit in a socially distanced fashion; and we’re still hitting deadlines to bring you the quality journal you know and expect. Because we’re committed to you and to delivering what you pay for.

But we also simply cannot survive without you and more readers like you. Unlike a lot of publishers who rely mostly on advertisers, we rely nearly as much on our readers. So we’re asking for your continued commitment and for support from new readers. As you enjoy our stories, photography and gear reviews, please consider supporting Cross Country Skier in whatever way is right for you:

With many challenges ahead and no competition nearby, we know that we could easily back off the pace. But we also know that being the only English-language cross country skiing print publication is a huge responsibility to uphold. Doing so will require commitment and determination, and it’ll be all the more worthwhile with you along for the journey, too.

Thank you,

Tyler Cohen, John Dostal, Adam Howard
Mike Lorenz, Robin Earle, Brian Riepe
Justin Reyher, Paul Davis, John Costello
Michele Peoples, Holly Howard, Karen Huard