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Johaug Takes 30km Gold and Diggins Wins Historic Silver in a Gusty, Gutsy Race

Jessie Diggins held on for silver in the grueling women’s 30km mass start freestyle, earning her two medals total in this Olympics. But she faced some challenges along the way, as did teammate Rosie Brennan, who finished sixth in the race.

In a weather-shortened 50km, Scott Patterson Earns a Top-10 Finish

With temps dropping and wind gusting, officials decided to run the final men’s race as a 30km. Though he said he would have preferred the grind of the longer-distance event, Scott Patterson turned in a PB and best-ever American result

The Olympic Bus System Makes up the 10th Circle of Hell

There’s a lot to like about these Beijing Olympics; the transportation set-up is not one of them.

In Fast, Aggressive Team Sprints, German Women and Norwegian Men Win, while Diggins and Brennan Place Fifth; Ogden and Schoonmaker Are Ninth

The team sprint is one of the most fun, and fast-paced, cross country ski events to watch. In addition to a recap of the results, U.S. skiers Rosie Brennan and Jessie Diggins, and Ben Ogden and JC Schoonmaker share their race strategies and reactions.

Extreme Weather Turns the Men’s and Women’s Biathlon Pursuits into Sufferfests of Olympic Proportions

Bone-chilling temps, erratic gusts of wind and super-slow snow challenged racers during the men’s and women’s biathlon pursuits. But that didn’t stop Quentin Fillon Maillet of France and Norway’s Marte Olsbu Roeiseland from increasing each of their gold medal counts.

What’s It Really Like in the Olympic Village?

The Olympic Village is in many ways the heart of the Games; it’s where the athletes sleep, eat, rest and recover, and socialize. Davis U.S. Cross Country Ski Team member Hannah Halvorsen takes us behind the scenes of daily life in the village.