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Fun and Games

This piece originally appeared in Cross Country Skier’s 2019 Photo Annual (Winter 2019) as the Editor’s Note. Even though my racing career has ended—or at least been paused—I try to keep in touch with the people who influenced my development as a skier. It could be because, in so many ways personal […]

Kikkan Randall Begins Treatment for Breast Cancer

We’re keeping Kikkan Randall in our thoughts and wishing her a fast and full recovery as she begins treatment for her recently diagnosed breast cancer. The Olympic Gold Medalist shared the news via Instagram and her blog on Wednesday, July 11, announcing, “The color pink has taken on a new […]

Skiing the Nordmarka

I knew it would be easy, I just didn’t know it would be this easy. As a Vermonter living in Norway for a year, I’m continually impressed with the investment this country has made in public recreation, and at this time of year, it’s abundantly obvious that access to skiing […]

Take an Ice Bath it feels Great

What? Seriously? Yes. Immersing your muscles in cold water has been a growing recovery technique used by athletes all over the world, including cross country skiers. The cold water helps treat the muscle soreness, strain and inflammation that you experience after a hard workout. It is also said to prevent […]

Ice Hotel

By RICHARD WHELAN Duchesnay: Après-Ski on the Rocks One of Québec City’s nicest cross country centers just got a lot prettier. A big spring snow is falling as we step out of Duchesnay’s three-story cross country lodge. It’s the kind of snow the Québécois call la neige des sucres (a […]


Snowmobiles and Skiers

SNOWMOBILERS ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS By Ed Klim Executive Director, International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association Snowmobilers, unlike most Americans, look forward to the cold snowy days of winter and cherish the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors when the temperature hovers near the zero-degree mark. National studies conducted by the Recreation […]