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    Dryland Training Gear Guide: Rollerskis

    Some of the biggest gains are made in the off-season. That’s why we decided to pull together a guide to gear that will help you maximize your summer and fall training sessions. From rollerskis to running shoes, apparel to packs and more, find some of our editor’s favorite pieces and […]

    Rollerskis – 2017 Gear Guide

    If you cross country ski race it’s a solid bet that you train for skiing—or at least think about it—year round. And there’s no better way to train for skiing in the summer than by rollerskiing. So, 80-degree days in early July 2016 saw us testing the latest rollerskis on the gentle climbs of Nebraska Valley Road in Stowe, Vt. Our crew tried classic and skate, metal and composite, fast and slow, all to give you our honest opinion.

    Fischer RCS Carbonlite Classic Rollerskis – 2017 Gear Guide

    “The skis dealt with cracks in the pavement very well and I liked the balance and stability.” Fischersports.com | $370 | 1065g [745mm] MADE FROM the same Air Core Composite shaft as the RCS Carbonlite Skate, the RCS Carbonlite Classic flexes like a stiff ski, testers felt. “A bit of […]

    V2 XLQ920 Rollerskis- 2017 Gear Guide

    “You can make [the skis] slip if you start kicking like wax never slips. This is super important for folks focusing on technique as it’s really easy to start the on-snow season with ‘roller ski’ kick, which can lead to technique issues for months.” Jenex.com | $359 | 880g [708mm] […]

    Marwe Classic 700XC Rollerskis – 2017 Gear Guide

    “These skis were as close to skiing on snow as I’ve found in rollerskis.” Finnsisu.com | $369 | 1050g [700mm] MADE WITH the same honeycomb dampening technology as the Skate 620XC, Marwe’s Classic 700XC rollerski flexes even more ski-like, testers felt. “These skis were as close to skiing on snow […]

    Swix Classic Roadline C2 Rollerskis – 2017 Gear Guide

    “Utilizing the rear ratchet these skis kicked a bit differently—in a good way. They were incredibly smooth and tracked well.” Swixsport.com | $290 | 1000g [790mm] REMEMBER YOUR old Pro-Ski C2 classic rollerskis? Swix acquired Pro-Ski technology and has been branding them in flashy white and yellow. Like the old […]