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    Retread: How to structure your base for changing conditions

    It’s race day, and whether you can see it or not, the snow is changing out there. Melting, freezing or grooming is playing a role in altering the structure of each snow crystal by the hour, if not faster. How does this affect the speed of your skis, and what […]

    Keep your MOJO Working – Off Trail Skiing Requires Technique Too

    Groomed trails are awesome, but there’s a great white world worth checking out just beyond the corduroyed path. Why not break out of your rut this season and explore it? When you do, or if you’ve already discovered the joys of sliding wherever and whenever it’s white, don’t leave your […]


    Distance Training

    By Maria Stuber There are many physiological systems that play a role in performance gains. Total conditioning can be a result of cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and power, coordination, speed or flexibility. To optimize performance in cross country skiing, it is necessary to train all systems with the appropriate balance […]


    Keep the Flow, Baby!

    By Steve Hindman Flow is the feeling, flow is the beauty and flow is the key to a graceful and efficient diagonal stride. Flow is an elusive thing to describe but easy to feel when present or absent. Here are a few ideas, concepts and drills to help you keep […]


    Intensity Training

    By Garrott Kuzzy Incorporating intensity into your training is a great way to improve your skiing. Ski training is based on the theory of stress and recovery. Intensity training stresses your body and breaks down your muscles, and recovery helps build your body back stronger than before. Knowing how to […]


    Three Steps to Skating

    By Steve Hindman Skating is sexy, skating is fast and skating is easy! Endless articles on what to do and how to do it make it seem complicated, but it needn’t be. Skating is easy and fun when you follow these three steps: prepare, move over and extend. Let me […]