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    Time Out of Mind

    With a gold medal and a grand stage Jessie Diggins wonders “What can I do that’s going to help the most people?” As Bill Koch knows, the answer is as elusive as time itself. This story was originally published in Cross Country Skier Issue 38.1 in autumn 2018. Grab a […]

    Local Legend: Sverre Caldwell

    Andy Newell, originally from Vermont, is a Stratton Mountain School alum, former member of the U.S. Ski Team and  four-time Olympian. He now lives in Montana, where he operates Nordic Team Solutions, a training and consulting business for cross country skiers of all ages. Much of his coaching philosophy is […]

    Local Hero: Jim Galanes

    I wouldn’t call Jim a mentor; we’ve never worked really closely together. I grew up in Putney, Vermont; Jim grew up in Brattleboro, Vermont. He’s a half generation older than me, and he was a longtime U.S. ski team member with Bill Koch and with my cousin, Tim Caldwell. I […]


    Plan B: Business as Unusual

    Dear readers, contributors and partners, Stepping off the skintrack at the base of the Glacier du Chardonnet, I ask the indomitable Gordy Skoog, “What’s Plan B for making the col if the weather socks in?” We are hours into our unguided attempt to ski the Haute Route from Chamonix, France […]


    An Abrupt End to the Season: How COVID-19 has impacted racing and recreation

    The cancellations and closures began to make Nordic news at the end of last month. On February 27, the Engadin Skimarathon, which traditionally welcomes nearly 17,000 participants to the Engadin region of eastern Switzerland, announced on Facebook it would not hold its week of annual racing—the biggest in the Alps—in […]


    Lake Placid’s Winter Immersion

    Traveling west on New York’s Route 73, a few minutes past the height of land outside of Lake Placid, a gentle right-hand bend in the road reveals a dramatic scene that surprises me every time, even after a dozen or so trips to the Olympic village. Twin ski jumps, thrusting […]