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    Glide to Grow

    “It is not impermanence that makes us suffer. What makes us suffer is wanting things to be permanent when they are not.”

    Cross Country Skier seeks Editor in Chief

    Since autumn 2016, Cross Country Skier has been published in Jeffersonville, Vermont, by Height of Land Publications, the independent owners of Alpinist, Backcountry and Mountain Flyer magazines. During the last five volumes, however, the title has never had a full-time editor, instead relying on production support from the staff of […]

    Subscribers Keep Us Pushing Forward

    Dear reader, It’s a common refrain around our office that Cross Country Skier is the uncontested, leading English-language cross country ski magazine in the world. Sure, we believe that we make a pretty darn good magazine. But, truth be told, the statement is more of a joke than a not-so-humble […]


    October 12, 2020 – A group of publishers and editors who oversee consumer and B2B outdoor media titles have formed the working group Outdoor Media For Inclusion (OM4I) to provide more opportunities for journalists and contributors who are Black, Indigenous, people of color, and members of other marginalized communities. Teresa Baker, […]

    Local Legend: Sverre Caldwell

    Andy Newell, originally from Vermont, is a Stratton Mountain School alum, former member of the U.S. Ski Team and  four-time Olympian. He now lives in Montana, where he operates Nordic Team Solutions, a training and consulting business for cross country skiers of all ages. Much of his coaching philosophy is […]

    Local Hero: Jim Galanes

    I wouldn’t call Jim a mentor; we’ve never worked really closely together. I grew up in Putney, Vermont; Jim grew up in Brattleboro, Vermont. He’s a half generation older than me, and he was a longtime U.S. ski team member with Bill Koch and with my cousin, Tim Caldwell. I […]